Gourmet Food Truck Catering

(Friendly) Food

What’s in your Recess lunch bag? First of all, we only source humanely-raised food that was never given antibiotics, hormones, or other nasty stuff that they don’t need. All of our beef, chicken, pork, and eggs are raised on farms that focus on the humane treatment of livestock and employ stringent third-parties such as Certified Humane regularly audits these farms to ensure the highest levels of animal welfare.

And we don’t stop there. We source organic and local ingredients whenever possible and we are continually adding more organic and local farmers to our list all the time. Happy Animals + Fresh Ingredients = Friendly Food!


(Frivolous) Fun

Why the Recess playground? We understand the plight of the office-dweller; conference calls, working lunches, presentations, all this chiseling away at your playtime. In a rush? Order online and we’ll text you when lunch is ready. Have more time? Pull up a seat with your work-besties, listen to some tunes and get some sun next to the funnest food truck in San Diego. Got more play time? Challenge your BFF to an Xbox Kinect dance-off! Whether you have 10 minutes or an hour our playground is here for you to have F-U-N!


(Collective) Playground

What’s our collective playground? Earth of course! Everything at Recess from our forks to our containers to our cups, is fully compostable. They are made from renewable sources like corn and sugarcane with the lowest carbon footprint of any packaging in the U.S. We’re dedicated to doing everything we can to keep our collective playground as clean as possible which means more fun at Recess!

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